hg0088世界杯于2008年在广州市白云区成立,工厂厂房面积42000平方米。工厂二:广州优尚化妆品有限公司于2012年扩厂建成。自主品牌闪钻主要经营专业美发产品(洗发、护发、造型等)。现有员工450名,其中技术研发实验人员18名,产品设计人员20余名,公司致力于专业发用化妆品领域的研发和生产。 2015年广州市美凰化妆品有限公司创新建成20000平方米闪钻品牌创意园,所有闪钻/紫缇品牌自主hg0088世界杯,并且成功申请多项外包装国家设计专利证书。2008年-2018年,坚持做好品质;坚持hg0088世界杯,闪钻品牌成为专业线洗护类产品的一匹黑马。

Factory I:Meihuang cosmetics co., ltd was established in Baiyun district, Guangzhou in 2008.The plant covers an area of 42,000 square meters. Factory II: Guangzhou Youshang cosmetics co.,ltd. was established in 2012.Our own brand newmond mainly deals in professional hair products (hair washing, hair care, styling, etc.). Currently, the company has 450 employees, including 18 technical r&d experimenters and more than 20 product designers. The company is dedicated to the research, development and production of specialized hair cosmetics.In 2015, Meihuang cosmetics co., ltd. in Guangzhou innovatively built the newmond brand creative park with an area of 20,000 square meters. All the newmond/ziti brands have carried out original design independently, and have successfully applied for a number of national patent certificates for external packaging design. From 2008 to 2018, we insist on good quality and original design. Newmond brand has become a dark horse of professional cleaning supplies.
If clothing clashing is a misfortune for a woman, then copying a product and selling it to the consumer, in addition to pretending to be a deceit, in my opinion, it more is a inferior temptation.
Do what you love to do and show it to those who love it.
In this era of materialism, I am my own belief.
Originality is a serious attitude.
If you can do a thing well, ego, self-love, even if you are narcissistic, then why not?
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